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            發布日期:2021-02-09 15:02:46  來源:海南中公考研}


            二十六、Would you please say something about your study life if you succeed in this admission?

            (88)In the three years’ postgraduate study in this university, if I am admitted, I will make my efforts to study the knowledge of my major and skills concerned and try to learn more interpersonal skills at the same time.

            (89)First of all, seriously concentrating on our lectures is very necessary, because this is the best way to get knowledge.

            (90)Besides, I will try my best to complete the tasks my tutor arranges.

            (91)As time goes by, I will step into the second year. The most important thing for me in this year is to prepare for my thesis.

            (92)After getting in my third year, I have fewer classes. Apart from writing and revising my thesis under the guidance of my supervisor, I will put what I have learned into practice. I plan to do some part-time jobs to improve my practical skills.

            二十七、Do you have any plans about your postgraduate life?


            二十八、What do you expect to do in your postgraduate study?


            二十九、What are the most important rewards you expect in your study?


            (93)First of all, I will try my best to grasp theoretical knowledge and set a solid foundation for my further study.

            (94)Besides, attending various classes on time, I am determined to read more academic books and articles, making full preparation for my paper.

            (95)If possible, I will go on with my study for doctorate degree, so that I could take a further step in my academic life.





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